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Eniola Ajao clears air surrounding controversies at event

“It was just all jokes anyway, we just wanted to have fun, and we wanted people to talk about the movie.”- Eniola Ajao.

DURING an interview with Arise TV, Eniola Ajao, the Producer of the movie Ajakaju, explained the decision to award Bobrisky the Best-Dressed Female award as a publicity strategy.

Eniola Ajao at the interview with Arise News

"It was just all jokes anyway, we just wanted to have fun," she said.

"My SIM and I decided that we need to talk about this, it needs to be in the faces of people, so I have been taking it upon myself to protect the image of a lot of people, at the same time I have been doing it all alone by myself; I took it upon myself to do it and I wasn't getting any help that I feel I needed, so I said okay ‘what can we do for people to talk about this film and we decided okay let us give it to Bob.’

“Bob is always a controversial person, then at the end of the day people started talking about it," she continued.

Eniola Ajao 

Ajao further stated that there was nothing controversial about the award and that the goal was simply to make people talk about the film.

"I feel like everything in this world that happened has its own publicity strategy. In my case, it was a joke, I was not trying to make anyone angry, I was just trying to pull people into the movie, I just want people to be interested, I didn't want people to sit down and be bored," she said.screenshot_20240327_074548

She also shared that the winner of the award was simply a decision that didn't include Femi Adebayo.

"I am not trying to disrespect any gender at all, everything is just PR for the movie, it is just fun, it is a joke, and I don't want people to take it too seriously," she said.

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