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Nasboi challenges traditions, opts for happiness over parental approval in marriage

Nasboi revealed that he does not need his parents' approval before marrying a woman he loves.

IN a recent interview with Tacha on Cool FM, singer, Nasboi boldly declared his stance on marriage, asserting that he values his happiness above parental approval.

Nasboi candidly expressed, "Yes, I would. My mum is not a Yoruba woman. She's from Warri and she's a Christian. Meanwhile, my dad is Yoruba and Muslim. You see, it looks like something impossible, right? Yet it happened."screenshot_20240508_143647

Nasboi elaborated on the importance of parental guidance in decision-making, highlighting the significance of mutual respect and open dialogue between parents and their children. He emphasised the need for parents to provide advice and constructive feedback rather than imposing their preferences on their children's choice of life partners.screenshot_20240508_143820

The singer's perspective on relationships and marriage underscored his belief in personal autonomy and the fundamental principle of choosing a life partner based on individual happiness.

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