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Simi speaks on men and vulnerability

Simi suggests that suppressing emotions can lead to internal struggles that may eventually surface in unexpected ways.
Simi speaks on men and vulnerability

SINGER and songwriter,  Simi has opened up about the need for men to embrace their emotional vulnerability during her appearance on the 90's Baby Show. 

The hitmaker expressed her belief in the beauty of male vulnerability, noting that strength does not equate to suppressing emotions.4f7cd79c-aea1-4313-96b6-2c77d1e02cd1

"I find it beautiful when men cry. Strength does not mean not being vulnerable or not crying,” she shared. 

Simi emphasised that bottling up emotions can have negative repercussions, saying, "If it's not coming out in your tears, it's going somewhere.”f2e041cd-83b5-4a2a-8649-0427b5cca503

Simi continued, "Even if it's like a little ball inside your heart, one day you're just going to explode." 

Her words paint a picture of the importance of emotional expression, especially for men who often feel pressure to appear tough and resilient.

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