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Victony opens up about relationship status, ideal partner

Nigerian singer, Victony recently shared his preferences regarding his ideal partner.

IN a recent interview on the Morning Rush Show, singer, Victony sat down with host, Bibii Raii to discuss his life and music.

When asked about his relationship status, Victony revealed, "I'm single, it just has to happen naturally."screenshot_20240621_082357

Bibii Raii pressed on, asking about his specifications in a partner, "What's your spec? Do you like them tall, short, do you like them thick? Do you like them slim?" Victony laughed, admitting he didn't have a clear preference. However, he did mention a fondness for "slim thick" women with curvy features, stating, "Slim thick, but thinking about it right now I don't have a spec. If I think about it correctly I don't think I have one. But slim thick, and she has to be beautiful."

The conversation shifted to the mental aspect, with Bibii Raii asking, "What does Victony like his women to be like?" Victony smiled, responding, "I like a boss lady who has her own thing going on, independent and strong."

He also emphasised the importance of his partner being able to handle the lifestyle of a superstar, agreeing with Bibii Raii's suggestion.screenshot_20240621_082311

The interview also touched on Victony's music, including his collaborations with Saint JHN and his encounter with Billie Eilish at the Golden Globes.

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