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8 AM CLASSES: It wears us out!

Are students really unreasonable for complaining about early classes?
Department of English

ASIDES having to face sapa as a student, the thought of 7:30/8 am classes is nothing short of a nightmare. 75% of students majorly have unproductive days due to rising at such an early time. As with many aspects of human biology, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep.

Many biologists from various research propose 7-9 hours of healthy sleep for young adults. “A minimum of seven hours of sleep is a step in the right direction to improve your health,” a doctor claims.

For most students in Nigeria, who have to take classes till 6 pm and others spending the night in school for academic reasons, 8 am class is the last straw for them. This is due to the fact that they don’t have enough sleep and this, in turn, reduces academic performance.

Research from the Cleveland Clinic shows that lack of sleep sparks a lack of awareness, excessive daytime sleepiness, and impaired memory which in turn, lowers academic reasoning. This is especially rampant in tertiary institutions, where the night owl outnumbers the early birds.

Looking at students who close late from school and get home, refresh themselves, cook dinner, read, and still have to prepare for an 8 am class the next day, how do you expect the students to gain anything from such early classes? How come it is not torturous for lecturers? 

How disappointing and irritating that lecturers tag students unavailable for such classes as “lazy.” They have forgotten that health is wealth. Oh, what uses is a certificate to a student whose health is dwindling? So sad that when lecturers are down they take a break to treat themselves but students have to keep going regardless of their health. 

The funniest part of this is these time setters were, once upon a time, students who complained about such evil being done to them. Indeed there is nothing new under the sun.

With these I ask, are students really unreasonable for complaining about early classes?

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