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Deconstructing toxic masculinity and Alpha male

Men are afraid to be vulnerable around their partners and the people they claim to love.
Deconstructing toxic masculinity and Alpha male

TOXIC masculinity is a set of certain male behaviours associated with harm to society and men themselves. Generally, toxic masculinity involves cultural and social pressures. The idea that men should act tough and avoid showing emotions is detrimental to their health. Although acting tough for everyone, male or female, is harmful, the truth is the male gender finds it difficult to speak up when wronged.

Safe to say men are expressionless, therefore, masculinity is intolerant of emotions. Albeit, it is best that we understand that there is a divergence between toxic masculinity and the Alpha male. The vast study on masculinity has averagely constructed expectations from this gender, proving a male that acts otherwise weak. 

Going by research, masculinity is of three components: toughness; a notion that men are physically strong, emotionally callous, and behaviourally aggressive, anti-feminity; the idea that men should reject anything considered feminine, such as showing emotions or asking for help, and power; to gain respect, men must work towards obtaining power.3858

Unfortunately, relationships suffer the most from toxic masculinity. Men are afraid to be vulnerable around their partners and the people they claim to love. To them, the fear of seeming weak is greater than their sanity. In the world of today, toxic masculinity has destroyed lots of relationships, especially romantic relationships. 

"I am a man, what do you expect" is a familiar statement with the male gender that one would sometimes wonder if it were a follow-come statement from the creator. Confronting a man these days for his wrong would only produce words like "my bad",  "let it go", and "forget it", and at the point where you seek an appropriate apology, he sermons you on taking things to heart or making excuses for others, thereafter, the apology with little or no remorse comes forth.

The term "Alpha male", on the other hand, is largely misunderstood and mistaken to reference bad or toxic. But in the real sense, alpha isn't about being blunt or emotionless. Alpha males are intelligent, successful, masculine, and principled. 3857

An alpha male uses power and influence for good and to protect. He is a man of his word; therefore, many mistake him for rigid and dominant. He is cool but probably not with everyone, confident although mistaken for a narcissist, assertive, therefore mistaken for aggressive. In the case of Alpha men, not sharing their problems with people is to avoid unnecessary worries.

It is not surprising that Alpha behaviour gets confused with toxic masculinity. If it is not closely looked into, it overlaps. To every man out there, there is only a thin line between Alpha behaviour and toxic masculinity. Life is easier when you speak up. Let go of the lumps in your chest and allow your sanity to return.

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