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LASU English Lecturer holds Hanging out with Dr Riches 4.0

The event featured a lively dancing competition, with cash prizes awarded to the winners.
Dr Riches and students

IN the spirit of celebrating the Year 2024 Valentine’s Day and giving back to the student community, an Associate Professor in the Department of English Language, LASU, who is the Founder of the Women and Girls Empowerment Foundation International (WOGEFI), Dr Olawunmi Oni-Buraimoh (Dr Riches) has held her annual Valentine’s Day programme, "Hanging out with Dr Riches 4.0," at the Faculty of Arts Quadrangle in the Ojo Campus of the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU).

The event, sponsored by Aspira Limited, makers of VIVA products, Siri soap, Biotol anti-bacterial, Fizz detergent, and others, featured enlightening talks and engaging activities aimed at helping attendees discover their true selves and unlock their full potential.

Dr Riches and friends

In her opening address, Dr Riches welcomed the students and other attendees to the event, urging them to understand that the significance of Valentine’s Day should not only be about couples but about “celebrating with our loved ones or even with ourselves.”

One of the speakers, Dr Yeside Dosumu of the Theatre Arts Department, captivated the students with her insightful speech on the importance of self-awareness and self-discovery. She emphasised the need to know one's background, stating that it forms the foundation upon which success is built. 

(L-R) Dr Riches, Dr Dosumu, and Princess Senami

"Remember the child of whom you are," she urged, highlighting the significance of staying true to one's roots and heritage.

Dr Dosumu also spoke about setting goals and the determination required to achieve them. She emphasised the importance of having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and staying committed to that vision, no matter the challenges that may arise.

Dr Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose (Dr GAB)

"Your background should not limit your aspirations," she said, encouraging the students, especially females, to dream big and work hard to turn their dreams into reality.

Another lecturer in the Department of English Language, Dr Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose (GAB), who shared three principles for personal development, emphasised the importance of self-love, stating that one cannot truly love others if they do not love themselves first. 

Dr Riches and the WOGEFI team

"You don't need a partner if you are not a full part yourself," he said, emphasising the importance of being whole and complete on one's own.

Dr GAB also spoke about loneliness, describing it as a vacuum in one's life that cannot be filled by another person. He encouraged attendees to discover how to be happy on their own and not rely on others for their happiness.

Dr Riches and the students

The event also featured a lively dancing competition, with cash prizes awarded to the winners. The competition was not just about showcasing dance skills but also about having fun and celebrating life.

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